At papa's

papa's make the best cordials around,
well in Christchurch anyway.

papa's use only fresh fruits and roots and do not buy in concentrates.

The only food additive that papa's use is 'Citric Acid'.

All papa's bottles are pasteurised to keep the little beasties at bay.

A bottle of papa's should last at least a year if left unopened, but once opened keep the bottle in a refrigerator and it should last for a month or six weeks.

Because there is no preservatives in papa's cordials, and they have been pasteurised, the caps have been screwed on tight. If you have trouble opening the cap.
Ask some one big and ugly to open it for you and if that is still not working run it under hot water, as they have been put on hot, very hot.

papa's travel to the 'Riccarton Farmers Market' at Riccarton House each Saturday morning,
and to Riccarton racecourse each Sunday,
papa's are in row  'F'  at the 'Rotary Market'.

papa's are going to be at the Culverden Christmas Fete on the 27th Oct, so I'll see you there!!!

papa's supplies two of the top restaurants on state highway one between Christchurch and Dunedin.

The Dunsandle Store.
This Mecca for 'foodies' is aprox half an hour south of Christchurch.
So call in and see Annabel and the team for some of the best food around.
While there pick up your fix of papa's,
as they carry the full array or our stock.

The Loan and Merc
This is Fleur's other place in Oamaru.
They stock some of papa's range, which they use in the restaurant.

The Canterbury Cheesemonger
The Canterbury Cheesemonger  at 301 Montreal Street, in the old Arts Centre.
Call in and see Martin, not only for the best cheese in Canterbury, but you can also get papa's ginger cordial there.
Ask them why they do not carry the rest of papa's range?

Unfortunately I have had to discontinue our 'Buy on line', as I was having difficulty working Paypal.

You could contact me direct and I shall see what I can do.