papa's  Ginger Cordial    and     papa's Ginger & Chilli Cordial

papa's ginger cordials are the Best Substitute for Alcohol in Town
papa's make two types of ginger cordial:
                Standard ginger cordial as well as ginger and chilli.
papa's standard ginger cordial is a very spicy ginger cordial. It surprises most people with it's power!!
papa's ginger chilli is the same as standard with a chilli twist
Best sipped from a tall stemmed wine glass, through crushed ice.
papa's  is in a class of it's own, this has to be one of the strongest ginger drinks around.

Just add lemonade. It is remarkable how it turns papa's ginger cordial into old fashioned ginger beer.
                                               If you like it not so sweet try 'soda water' instead
                                                 You have never had a brandy and ginger like it.
                                                 Just add it to whiskey for a whiskey sour.
                                                 Add a tablespoon full to your cup of tea instead of milk.
                                                 Slosh some into your soup to give it zing.
                                                A real winner with Coffee
                                                Also with Hot Chocolate.
                                                Add a decent amount to to 'Oil and Vinegar' brew, for a spicey salad, or a Thai salad.

                                                They say that papa's ginger cordial is a mixer from hell.
                                                 Remember, the better the glass, the better it tastes.
                                                 Watch out though, a little of this goes a long way - this baby has bite!

Lemon Ginger & Honey

papa's Lemon, Honey and Ginger - Wow
A family fave for the winter.
A great winter drink; best with hot water.

You can use all the above recipes very successfully with a chilli bent

Watch out though, a little of this goes a long way - this baby really does have bite!

Granny's Lemonade

papa's Granny's Cloudy Lemonade - She Gave Us the Recipe!
A deliciously strong lemon drink, consisting of more than 50% pure lemon juice.
You'll either love it or hate it.
It is so sour I call it 'The Mother-in-law'.
You said "take out the sugar", so we did, now it's a winner!
These lemons are juiced in our kitchen and we do not buy in any lemon concentrate.
Currently we are using 'Yen Ben' lemons

Orange Squash

papa's Orange Squash - The Kids Love It!
100% natural, try it to believe. Another recipe from old Granny!
The skin, zest, pips, the lot are in this one.

Cherry Cordial

papa's  Cherry Cordial
Our latest brew.
Off the top of my head.
The cherry season can now last all year.
Made from beautiful Central Otago cherries.
Extremely well with ice cream.
The kids go crazy over this one also.